February 27, 2024 10:18 am
French Manufacturers Urged to “Accelerate” to Receive Increased State Subsidies for Social Leasing

The State is considering providing financial assistance to electric vehicle owners after receiving a surge of 90,000 requests for the “social leasing” system. This system allows people to rent an electric car for less than 100 euros per month. This initiative is aimed at helping low-income and heavy users access electric vehicles. However, in order for this to happen, French manufacturers must increase their production pace, according to Minister of Industry and Energy, Roland Lescure.

Lescure stated that there is a high demand for electric vehicles in France, but not enough locally produced vehicles are available to meet that demand. He emphasized that only vehicles built in France or Europe are eligible for this subsidy. The government is considering financing “50,000 cars” instead of the initial 25,000, but Lescure stated that this will be done at a pace ensuring that cars made in China do not dominate the French automobile fleet.

Faced with strong demand, Christophe Béchu, the Minister of Ecological Transition, assured that the government was working with car manufacturers to increase the number of available vehicles. Lescure noted that the system may have to wait a little while production catches up with demand. French manufacturers are planning to launch several electric models in the coming months.

The “social leasing” system is currently reserved for French people with an income less than 15,400 euros per year who drive more than 8 kilometers per day or live more than 15 kilometers from their workplace. The rental period is planned for three years and can be renewed once

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