May 21, 2024 2:19 pm
Procurement and Business Services Recognized with Award of Excellence in Procurement

Georgia Tech’s procurement department has been recognized for its exceptional contributions to the institution with the National Association of Education Procurement (NAEP) Award of Excellence in Procurement. This award highlights the outstanding work of Procurement and Business Services (PBS), which demonstrated innovation and dedication to delivering value to faculty, staff, and students.

Directors Ajay Patel and Erin Mitchell accepted the award on behalf of Georgia Tech and presented at the NAEP’s 2024 EPIC Meeting. During their session, they showcased Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as a transformative tool in procurement operations, highlighting its ability to automate manual tasks, reduce errors, and improve operational efficiency. This allows organizations to achieve significant cost savings and process optimization.

Georgia Tech is leading the way in innovation by implementing bots to automate administrative functions in asset management, accounts payable, and grants and contracts. For example, the “compliance documents bot” streamlines communication with suppliers to request essential compliance documents like E-Verify, Certificate of Insurance, and Sole Source. Additionally, the accounts payable supplier team plans to introduce a “welcome bot” that interacts with new vendors via email, providing information on purchase orders and invoices policies.

These initiatives demonstrate PBS’s commitment to embracing advanced technology to better serve the campus community and achieve operational excellence.

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