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Gabe Dougherty wins regional 24 Challenge | News, Sports, Jobs

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Beaty-Warren Middle College seventh-grader Gabe Dougherty won the seventh- and eighth-grade division of the Regional 24 Challenge Tournament Wednesday at PennWest Edinboro.

In the 24 Challenge, competitors are shown cards with 4 numbers or variables and have to use mathematical operations to make them total 24.

Beaty-Warren Middle College seventh-grader Gabe Dougherty is the regional champion in the seventh- and eighth-grade division, defeating competitors from all more than northwestern Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, Dougherty represented Beaty at the Regional 24 Challenge at PennWest Edinboro.

He was joined by quite a few other folks from Warren County.

Warren County College District held its third annual Challenge 24 Tournament this month with organizers Principal Elizabeth Kent and teachers Fallon Bachman, Meggi Brown, Pamela Brown, Rebecca Downey and Traci Vile.

There have been rounds for classes in grades 4 by way of eight at schools all through the district.

The leading 4 students in each and every competitors group – fourth and fifth, sixth, and seventh and eighth – moved on to the district finals May perhaps 9 at Beaty.

At the district occasion, Greyson Webber of Eisenhower took initial in the fourth and fifth grade division, followed by RJ Frederick (Eisenhower), Liliana Sandagate (WAEC), and Clayton Hammerbeck (Beaty).

Amongst the sixth-graders, Peyton Vincent of Beaty took initial, Liam Hanson of Eisenhower second, Mathew Mobley of Eisenhower third, and Serenity Lang of Beaty fourth.

Dougherty took initial amongst the seventh and eighth graders. Carly Russell of Eisenhower completed second, Sophia Wallace of Eisenhower third, and Samara Salva of Youngsville fourth.

All of these leading 4 finishers, plus Maddie Morrison (EMHS), Gabriella Hodak (YMHS), Bryce Grolemund (Beaty), Vance Darr (Beaty), Ian Lewis (YES), Trent Miles (Beaty), Ellise Wilson (Beaty), Ashton Carrington (Beaty), and Jackson Warner (WAEC) moved on to the regional events held Tuesday for grades 4 and 5 and Wednesday for six, seven, and eight.

Dougherty mentioned he does not invest a lot of time practicing the 24 Game. When he does, he’s memorizing patterns.

At the seventh- and eighth-grade level, the game featured single digits, two digits, and variables.

“It’s about speed for the memorization,” he mentioned.

Competitors are shown the card. The initial to buzz in has to quickly state the final step in the procedure and has 15 seconds to use all of the numbers and variables on the card to get to 24 making use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Dougherty gave an instance of a card displaying eight, three, two, and two. “Eight divided by two is 4. 3 occasions two is six. Six occasions 4 is 24.”

There have been 3 competitors in the finals – Dougherty pretty much had to face a classmate in that final 3.

Grolemund reached the semifinal round and missed the finals by 1 point, Dougherty mentioned.

The finals have been not close. Dougherty mentioned he scored 30 points, although his opponents scored 16 and .

Dougherty has 1 year left of eligibility and, competing at Regionals twice and winning the division as soon as, he is feeling great about his odds of becoming a back-to-back champion.

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