October 2, 2023 4:22 am
FSU Students Combine Learning Business Basics with Competing for Thousands
FSU Students Combine Learning Business Basics with Competing for Thousands

FSU students recently participated in the Venture Valley Collegiate Cup at the Student Union, where they had the opportunity to compete for cash prizes. The event was organized by the College of Entrepreneurship with the aim of promoting entrepreneurship among students from various majors. The top three earners of the competition were Matthew Slade, who received $2000, Heesu Seo, who received $1000, and Salvador Torres, who received $500.

The Venture Valley Collegiate Cup is a business simulation game that challenges players to run successful businesses using real-world mechanics. Students gathered at the Student Union for this event, with many expressing their excitement about the game’s potential to inspire them to start their own companies in the future. Heesu Seo, a sophomore at FSU, mentioned his entrepreneurial aspirations and how events like this make him feel supported by the university.

Cash prizes totaling $6000 were awarded to the highest revenue earners in both single and multiplayer games. However, for Venture Valley, the competition is not just about the monetary aspect. The main goal is to introduce young adults to the idea of starting their own businesses and to spark their interest in entrepreneurship.

This event is one of several initiatives organized by the FSU College of Entrepreneurship to encourage students from all majors to consider entrepreneurship as a career path. The university is dedicated to providing resources and opportunities for students to explore and develop their entrepreneurial skills. Another program called “Fast Start” was recently launched to help FSU faculty members bring their inventions and discoveries to market more efficiently.

Events like the Venture Valley Collegiate Cup and programs like “Fast Start” are contributing to the growth of new businesses in Tallahassee. They provide platforms for students and faculty to showcase their entrepreneurial spirit and creativity. It is through these initiatives that FSU is fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation within its student body and faculty.

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