May 22, 2024 5:48 pm
Amarillo Company Assisting Dogs in Finding Their Forever Families

In Amarillo, Texas, a dog trainer named Mirelly Armendariz is making waves by bringing her love for dogs and her dedication to their well-being to the forefront. As the founder of Le Chateau Pet Resort, Armendariz is determined to provide a fun and enjoyable space for dogs to play and relax.

However, Armendariz is not just focused on pampering dogs at her resort. She also recognizes the problem of homeless dogs in shelters, which can be a traumatic experience for them. That’s why she has taken it upon herself to bring shelter dogs to Le Chateau for evaluation and socialization with other dogs.

Debra Hall, the facility manager at Amarillo SPCA, expressed gratitude for Le Chateau’s partnership in providing more exposure and opportunities for adoption for these animals. Hall emphasized the importance of programs like this when shelters are full and rescues are overwhelmed with dogs found on the streets.

Armendariz believes that adopting shelter dogs can help address the ongoing problem of overcrowded shelters and homeless dogs. By promoting dog adoption through her resort, she hopes to give more dogs loving homes and reduce the number of strays on the streets. Despite initial apprehension from some people about adopting shelter dogs, Armendariz remains steadfast in her mission to provide these animals with a better life.

Overall, Mirelly Armendariz’s dedication to helping homeless dogs find their forever home is commendable. By offering a fun and enjoyable space for them to play and relax while also promoting adoption, she is making a significant impact on their lives as well as our community’s efforts towards animal welfare.

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