April 23, 2024 3:29 pm
Science aiding growth at Stonington mushroom farm

Chris Pacheco, an ex-engineer and former U.S Navy veteran, discovered his passion for farming when he started growing mushrooms in 2015. He established Seacoast Mushrooms, a 12,000-square-foot mushroom farm located on Taugwonk Road in the region where he currently resides. The farm is housed in a large blue warehouse with shipping containers at the back.

Pacheco grew up planting trees for his family’s apple orchard in Rhode Island but developed a dislike for farming in rocky New England soil. He pursued an engineering degree to move away from farming and spent time aboard the USS Hartford, which eventually led him to settle in the area where he currently lives. Following his submarine service, Pacheco worked in the corporate world for fifteen years before being drawn back to his farming roots by the challenge of growing mushrooms.

Today, Pacheco and his seven employees cultivate oyster mushrooms and various other flavorful fungi at Seacoast Mushrooms. They offer fresh and delicious produce to their local community through their business plan focused on connecting with people through food. Despite not being an oyster farmer, Pacheco has successfully established a thriving mushroom farm that brings joy to many people in the region.

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