October 1, 2023 3:08 pm
Former RBI Governor emphasizes the require for per capita revenue development alongside the impressive feat of becoming the 5th biggest economy

India’s rise to develop into the fifth biggest economy in the globe is an impressive achievement, according to former Reserve Bank of India Governor C Rangarajan. Having said that, he emphasized the require for the nation to develop at a more quickly pace in order to improve per capita revenue. Rangarajan produced these remarks throughout his address at the 13th Convocation of the ICFAI Foundation for Larger Education. He highlighted the significance of laying down a clear roadmap for India’s future improvement, specifically in light of the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Although acknowledging India’s existing status as the fifth biggest economy, Rangarajan noted that the nation nevertheless has a extended way to go in terms of per capita revenue. In 2020, India ranked 142nd out of 197 nations in terms of per capita revenue. This highlights the require for India to develop at a more quickly price, offered its existing level of per capita revenue. Rangarajan emphasized that reaching a sustained development price of at least seven % more than the subsequent two decades could drastically enhance India’s financial status, potentially bringing it close to the level of a created economy.

Having said that, Rangarajan also stressed that as India pursues development, it ought to also prioritize the absorption of new technologies and the improvement of a skilled workforce. Although these new technologies may possibly reduced the employment elasticity with respect to output, Rangarajan pointed out that employment ought to come from improved development. Thus, he emphasized the significance of aiming for sustained development of at least seven %.

In addition, Rangarajan highlighted the require for a multidimensional improvement tactic in India, with a concentrate on powerful export and manufacturing sectors. He emphasized that development with no equity is not sustainable, underscoring the significance of making certain that development rewards all segments of society.

The chief guest at the convocation was M Jagadesh Kumar, Chairman of the University Grants Commission.

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