April 20, 2024 4:16 am
Functional Foods Not Licensed in Vietnam Linked to 5 Deaths in Japan

In response to recent reports linking Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company’s red yeast rice product to 5 deaths in Japan, the Food Safety Department (Ministry of Health) has clarified that it did not issue a circulation license for the product. A spokesperson for the department stated that they are concerned about media reports of the company’s products causing deaths and hospitalizations. Upon investigation, it was found that the department had not issued necessary certificates for several products from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company, including those later recalled due to health concerns.

In light of this information, the Food Safety Department has issued a warning to consumers not to purchase or use any products from Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company that have not been approved by the department. The department urges the public to alert authorities if any such products are found on the market so that appropriate action can be taken in accordance with the law.

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company initiated recalls after a significant number of people were hospitalized in Japan, with 5 reported deaths by March end. The company identified puberulic acid, a natural compound from green mold, in their beni-koji product which was found to be toxic to users. Japanese officials are still investigating the situation and have not reached a final conclusion yet.

The incident has raised concerns about product safety and stricter regulations in the pharmaceutical industry. Consumers are advised to exercise caution and only use products that have been properly approved and certified by regulatory authorities to ensure their safety and well-being.

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