April 20, 2024 4:49 am
Fat Joe pays tribute to his son Joey, who is 33 years old, on World Autism Awareness Day

On World Autism Awareness Day, Fat Joe celebrated his son Joey’s uniqueness. He shared a photo of himself and his 33-year-old son on Instagram, with Fat Joe resting his chin on Joey’s head as they both looked off in the distance. In the caption, he wrote “WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY Joey this one’s for you 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙.”

Fat Joe has three children: sons Joey and Ryan, 27, and daughter Azariah, 17. His wife Lorena is also their mother. In December, he posted a picture on Instagram honoring Joey on his birthday. Both of them were holding oversized tennis balls in the photos, with Joey also having a standard-size tennis ball tethered to him.

Joey is considered the “Don of the family” by Fat Joe, who expressed how proud he is of him during an appearance on The View last year to promote his memoir The Book of Jose. He shared a story about Joey and emphasized how much he inspires and blesses their lives. Fat Joe’s memoir is about transparency, failures, triumphs and finding joy after going through dark times. He emphasized the importance of sharing Joey’s story in his book as a celebration of their journey together.

Joey’s presence in the family is described as a gift that keeps giving like an angel. His uniqueness makes him special to his father and family members alike.

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