November 30, 2023 11:06 am

Cardinal Josip Bozanić, the Archbishop of Zagreb in peace, led a Eucharistic celebration at the Parish of St. Bishop Martin in Dugi Selo, during which he baptized Kristijan, the ninth child of the Tominac family. At the mass celebration, pres. Ivan Valentić, parish priest and dean of the Dugosel deanery, and Rev. Marko Vuković, the Cardinal’s secretary and assistant at the Department of Pastoral Theology of the Catholic Theological Faculty of the University of Zagreb were present.

In his homily, Cardinal Bozanić emphasized that it is not enough to have talents and abilities but “one must work, strive and persistently move on” in order to accomplish what God has planned for our lives. He reminded us that we are placed here to contribute according to our possibilities and abilities so that life goes on and the world develops. Man is God’s co-creator; a helper to God in what God intended to do with us. He gave us gifts, opportunities, he gives us time and health – added Cardinal Bozanić and interpreted Gospel about talents by saying that it is important to use what we have because “each of them used their talents, their abilities and opportunities to the maximum,” emphasizing that everything in life requires perseverance but also openness.

Cardinal Bozanić concluded his homily by blessing Kristijan as a gift from God and encouraging parents to be open to their children’s talents as well as asking for freedom from fears that prevent doing something good in life.

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