May 19, 2024 11:48 pm
Report: Giuliani Complains to Friends About Being Stuck in a ‘Nightmare World’

Currently facing legal troubles that he himself has created, Rudy Giuliani is seeking support and assistance through fundraising events. The former Trump attorney declared bankruptcy following a court ruling that he must pay $148 million for defaming two election workers in Georgia. Despite the ongoing legal issues and financial strain, Giuliani did not provide a comment in response to the inquiries made by the New York Post. One of the major cases against him is the Fulton County racketeering case, where he is named as a co-defendant alongside his former boss. Sources have reported that Giuliani has been confiding in friends about the challenging situation he finds himself in, referring to it as a “nightmare world.” During a recent fundraiser for a Republican congressional candidate at Mar-a-Lago in Florida, Giuliani was overheard expressing disbelief at his current reality.

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