June 23, 2024 10:12 pm
Expert examines how Subject shapes scientific thought and societal impacts

The Department of History at the University of Kashmir (KU) recently hosted an extension lecture on the significance of studying the history of science. Noted historian of Science, Prof Deepak Kumar, was the guest speaker and delivered a thought-provoking talk titled ‘Why Study History of Science?’. The event attracted students, research scholars, university officials, and faculty members from the department.

During his lecture, Prof Kumar emphasized the critical role that understanding the history of Science plays in enriching our knowledge of scientific development and its impact on society. He highlighted how historical perspectives are essential for scientists, historians, and the general public. His discourse sparked a lively discussion among the audience, fostering a deeper appreciation for the subject.

The Head of the Department of History, Prof M Y Ganaie, took to the stage to highlight the department’s academic achievements and ongoing research initiatives. He reiterated their commitment to promoting historical inquiry and scholarship. Organizing such lectures was an excellent validation of their dedication to academic excellence.

The lecture concluded with an interactive session where students and faculty engaged in discussions to further explore the history of Science. Dr Abdul Rashid Lone, a faculty member at the Department of History, delivered a welcome address before proposing a formal vote of thanks. He encouraged continued interest in this subject as it is crucial for our understanding

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