May 20, 2024 12:50 am
Insurance Companies Deny $454M Request for Trump Bond, Eric Trump ClaimsgetMocked by Insurance Firms for $454M Bond, Eric Trump Alleges

Eric Trump expressed frustration with insurance companies while speaking on Fox News. He discussed his efforts to secure a $454 million bond to cover his father’s penalty in a civil fraud case. The penalty amounts to $355 million, plus interest, and the former President, Donald Trump, has been ordered to pay this amount as he appeals the verdict. Failure to secure the bond may result in the seizure of assets, including the Trump Building.

Eric Trump was also found liable in the trial and emphasized that the required bond size is unprecedented. He mentioned that when he approached insurance companies for the bond, they reacted with disbelief due to its astronomical sum. He claimed that this scale of demand is not feasible. Donald Trump, for his part, has stated that he possesses around $500 million in cash but is reluctant to pay the penalty, criticizing the judge involved.

Eric Trump emphasized the rarity of such large bonds in the United States. Highlighting the political nature of the case, he suggested that the legal actions are intended to hinder the former President’s political aspirations. Donald Trump, who recently secured the Republican nomination for president, contends that the case represents ‘lawfare.’ The family believes that the exorbitant bond requirement is meant to impede their political efforts.

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