May 21, 2024 1:18 pm
Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative: Talking about the Rock

On March 26, 2024, Jared Griffin hosted an episode of Talk of the Rock where he interviewed Payton Callahan and Mikylla Madamba, organizers of the Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative. They discussed their program and goals in detail, highlighting the importance of providing comprehensive sexual health education and resources to young people in their community.

Listeners were encouraged to check out their services on their Instagram page @kyshi_ak, where they could learn more about their offerings and get involved with the initiative.

In addition to this interview, Talk of the Rock also featured another segment with Ellamy Tiller, Outreach Coordinator, where they discussed a different topic entirely. However, the focus remained on community outreach initiatives and how they can make a positive impact on individuals and families.

Overall, the episode covered important conversations around youth sexual health and community outreach initiatives. Viewers were invited to listen to the episode for more information and insights on how they can get involved with these important efforts.

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