February 27, 2024 10:00 am
Motor home in ‘Dirt World’ homeless camp area north of Bend and Juniper Ridge destroyed by fire

A fire that destroyed a motorhome in the area of homeless camps north of Juniper Ridge known as “Dirt World” is under investigation by Bend Fire officials. The cause of the fire remains unknown after a witness at the scene stated that the motorhome’s single occupant left before first responders arrived.

Bend Fire and Deschutes County sheriff’s deputies responded to multiple reports of a large smoke column around 9 a.m. off Highway 97 near milepost 131. Upon arrival, responders found the motorhome fully involved in a fire, which was extinguished. An investigation into the cause of the fire was initiated, but no further details are available as of the initial news release.

This marks the second fire in the general area within a short period of time, following a 24-foot travel trailer on BLM property in the Juniper Ridge area going up in flames two days prior with an undetermined cause. KTVZ NewsChannel 21 encourages constructive and respectful conversation and welcomes story ideas from its audience if you would like to share one.

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