February 24, 2024 12:44 pm
Prepare for a Total Solar Eclipse Weekend at the Great Lakes Science Center

The Great Lakes Science Center is thrilled to announce that they will be hosting a total solar eclipse festival from April 6-8. Scott Volmer, representing the center, invites families and kids to attend and enjoy the festivities.

The festival will feature performances by the Cleveland Orchestra and a variety of activities showcasing Northeast Ohio’s STEM. NASA will have a village full of exhibits, hands-on activities, and astronauts available to sign autographs and engage with attendees. Jan Wittry with NASA Glenn Research Center is excited for the event, emphasizing that it will be a great time for all.

On April 8, the day of the total solar eclipse, NASA will be broadcasting the event live. Wittry highlights the rarity of this opportunity, stating that it won’t happen again until 2099. She stresses that Cleveland is the place to be for the total solar eclipse.

As the event approaches, it is clear that the Great Lakes Science Center’s total solar eclipse festival will provide a unique and educational experience for attendees of all ages.

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