May 20, 2024 12:35 am
Shares of Trump Media & Technology Group surge before the market opens, according to

On Monday, DJT surged more than 16% on its market debut after completing a merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. The company, which includes Trump’s social media platform Truth Social, saw a significant increase in value following the merger. DJT closed Tuesday’s session at $57.99 per share.

Trump’s decision to launch Truth Social came after being banned from mainstream platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Despite being reinstated on these platforms, Trump has remained loyal to Truth Social. As the majority shareholder in DJT, Trump holds approximately 78 million shares in the company. The success of Truth Social and the positive response from investors have contributed to the rapid rise in DJT’s stock value.

Following the completion of the merger on Monday, DJT saw a rapid increase in value, with the stock trading above $67 per share ahead of Wednesday’s opening. The surge in value was due to several factors including Trump’s presence in the company and his loyal fan base who are also investors in the company. The positive response from investors has helped bolster confidence in its future growth and potential for further success in the market.

DJT is now publicly traded and its stock continues to rise premarket by an additional 16%. This is an indication that investors are confident that this new venture will be successful and provide returns for their investment.

In conclusion, DJT’s successful market debut is a testament to Donald Trump’s ability to create profitable ventures even after facing adversity from mainstream social media platforms. With his loyal fan base as investors and his presence as majority shareholder, DJT has shown promising growth potential and is expected to continue performing well in the market.

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