October 1, 2023 3:00 pm
Desmond Ridder: The Belief in Him Shines via Arthur Smith

Falcons quarterback Desmond Ridder is nonetheless fairly new to the NFL, obtaining lately taken more than the beginning job this season. As the season progresses, the Falcons are discovering what Ridder brings to the group. Regardless of facing challenges in Sunday’s game, Ridder showed resilience. He threw an interception in the very first half and struggled to move the group in the early third quarter, enabling the Packers to make a 12-point lead. On the other hand, Ridder bounced back in the final 15 minutes, playing his ideal football. He ran for a touchdown and had an impressive six-of-eight passing record, top the Falcons to 3 scoring drives and a thrilling 25-24 property victory.

Head coach Arthur Smith expressed his self-assurance in Ridder, noting how the group believes in him. Smith observed that Ridder excels in essential scenarios, which has been constant all through his profession. The Falcons’ effective comeback was also aided by operating back Bijan Robinson’s huge plays and the defense forcing two 3-and-outs. When it is clear that Atlanta’s accomplishment is not solely dependent on Ridder, obtaining the proper quarterback is a important element. With their undefeated two- begin to the season, the Falcons have obtained proof that Ridder can be the player they require in Atlanta.

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