June 2, 2023 3:36 pm

If you have ever held a plank, you’d know that holding one for even a minutes can be considered a minor achievement. Now imagine holding one for nine excruciating hours.
A Czech man broke the world record for holding a plank for nine hours straight. 

Josef Šálek from Czech Republic, broke the Guinness World Record for longest time in an abdominal plank position (male). Šálek held the position for nine hours, 38 minutes, and 47 seconds, as per the Guinness World Records website. He undertook the feat during the AVATAR festival at the Park Hotel in Pilsen, Czech Republic, on May 20 in front of a sea of cheering festival goers.

Daniel Scali from Australia held the record previously, clocking nine hours, 30 minutes, and one second. 

Šálek, better known as Joska, is a therapist, lecturer and personal development coach, the website states. 

Šálek’s is a story of grit and determination. He revealed that five years ago he was 15 kilos overweight and was fond of alcohol and cigarettes.

“But a certain life-changing moment brought me to this transformation, so the thing I want to give to the world is that no matter your age, you can just make changes to feel happier, more vital, and healthier,” he said. 

This, he added, was the very message that he wanted to spread by breaking the record.

“I am a happy person today. I am grateful for what I experienced and managed, because today it can inspire many to the fact that it is possible to overcome any unpleasant circumstance and push the physical and mental boundaries beyond the horizons of our imagination,” he added.