February 27, 2024 9:26 am
West Seattle Crime Watch: Two Business Burglaries, Safe Found; Interrupted Car Prowler

This afternoon, a safe was found dumped south of The Junction. A reader emailed in a photo and report about the safe, but it is unclear if it is the same safe that was stolen from Domino’s. The safe was spotted in the alley between California and 42nd, south of Edmunds.

There were four crime reports in West Seattle today. Two of them were business burglaries. The first burglary occurred at the Morgan Junction Domino’s and was reported as a crash, but it was actually a crash-and-grab burglary. The safe was taken, but there was no major damage to the business.

The second pizza burglary happened at A Pizza Mart, but the time of the incident was not provided. Meanwhile, a car prowl was interrupted in the North Admiral/Schmitz Park area just before 5 am. The suspect was seen checking car handles, but they were scared off by the neighbor before any theft occurred.

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