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An ancient overall health care practice that supplies continuous emotional and informational help to ladies prior to, in the course of, and soon after childbirth, and a developing that housed a mid-1800s pharmacy as properly as the Covington Masons had been amongst six enterprises offered monetary assistance by the Covington Board of Commissioners.

The Commission authorized 3 rent-subsidy and 3 façade-improvement incentives by means of the City’s internationally recognized Tiny Company System.

The incentives came in the course of the fourth round of funding this fiscal year beneath the plan, which sets aside $150,000 a year in 3 places — assisting fledgling enterprises with 1st-year rent and industrial house owners upgrade their exteriors or restore an historic electric business enterprise sign.

“This is the fifth round of Tiny Company Incentives I’ve worked on given that beginning my position final March, and the selection of enterprises and buildings never ever ceases to impress me,” stated Covington Assistant Financial Improvement Director Sarah Allan. “This round is no diverse, with recipients ranging from a burgeoning overall health-associated business enterprise that supports new parents to the reimagining of a developing that was historically dwelling to a Masonic Lodge. The possibilities in Covington to develop a business enterprise are infinite.”

The awards:

(Photo from City of Covington

Rent Subsidies:

• $five,070 to Doulas of Cincinnati, a lady-owned exclusive overall health-associated business enterprise delivering solutions to pregnant ladies that has a regional increasing market place share. The business enterprise aligns with the City’s target sector of “A Healthier You.”

• $six,000 to Rivertown Vintage at two W. Pike Street, a lady-owned vintage clothes retailer that focuses on men’s clothes, positioned in the Central Company District.

• $six,000 to Skoolaid LLC, a exclusive educational business enterprise at 800 Church St. in Latonia that focuses on growing the physical overall health, mental properly-getting, and independence of youngsters and seniors, along with spreading information of kindness by means of its disability awareness presentations.

Façade Incentives:

• $six,000 to Covington 6th Street COA toward a $26,700 façade project at 201-203 W. 6th St. that will include things like painting, windows, lighting, and tuckpointing. The developing is in the Old Town/Mutter Gottes neighborhood.

• $six,000 to Felicity Properties LLC toward a $13,860 façade project at 404 W. Pike St. that will include things like painting. The developing is in MainStrasse Village.

• $six,000 to Covington Commandery LLC toward $63,959 in exterior improvements at 401 Scott St. that will include things like painting, windows, lighting, and rebuilding of the storefront. The developing is in the Central Company District.

Orleans Improvement owner Tony Kreutzjans stated the façade grant funds are “essential” to the restoration of the developing on Scott Street, which has a lengthy and varied history in Covington.

“401 Scott has been underutilized for decades,” Kreutzjans stated. “It’s a cornerstone developing in the Scott Street corridor, and we’re excited to breathe some life into it. Restoring the storefront to its original height and design and style will be transformational. The City’s façade grant is important to this piece of the project.”

The developing was constructed in 1865 by Charles Fechter, a druggist/pharmacist in the course of his lifetime. Kreutzjans stated later deeds label the developing as “Fecter’s Corner,” with the 1st floor occupied by Fechter’s drug retailer and the upper floors occupied by the Covington Masons. For extra than one hundred years – from 1865 by means of the mid-1970s – the 1st floor remained a pharmacy. The faint remains of the word “Pharmacy” is on the storefront’s upper transom, and an intact shower space is on the third floor, which was as soon as a health club. The Center for Excellent Neighborhoods occupied the second-floor offices in the course of the late ‘70s.

“We also found it was an art gallery in the ‘90s. It really had a myriad of makes use of,” stated Kreutzjans. “I feel we have all passed this developing a thousand instances, but subsequent time you are on foot, notice all of the Masonic symbols that are in the center of the stone trim on the upper floor windows. It was one particular of my favored discoveries of the developing.”

Corporations interested in applying for either the façade, historic electric sign, or rent help incentives ought to speak to Sarah Allan at 859-292-2144 or sarah.allan@covingtonky.gov. For data, see applications and recommendations.

Involving 2017 and 2023, the plan has assisted 128 enterprises or projects (not counting 58 COVID-associated Tiny Company Emergency Grants) … supported 36 enterprises with ladies, veteran, or Black owners … leveraged just about $7.three million of private investment … helped make or retain more than five,800 jobs … and impacted just beneath 470,000 square feet of vacant industrial space that has been filled or enhanced.

In 2021, the plan received an award from the International Financial Improvement Council, the world’s biggest organization of improvement experts.

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