October 2, 2023 3:56 am
Clorox Faces Disrupted Production Due to Cyberattack

Clorox, the cleaning materials company, has reported that its operations are being disrupted due to a cyberattack. This has resulted in a shortage of some of its products as the company struggles to meet consumer demand. Clorox did not specify which products are affected. The cyberattack was discovered in August and the company took immediate action to prevent further damage. However, Clorox has not yet been able to return its manufacturing operations to full capacity and is currently fulfilling and processing orders manually. The company expects to resume normal operations next week, but the financial impact of the cyberattack on the current quarter’s results is expected to be significant. Clorox shares fell over 2% in premarket trading as a result of the announcement.

In a similar incident, MGM Resorts also experienced a suspected cyberattack that disrupted its operations, including guests being unable to make room charges or access their rooms with digital keys.

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