April 23, 2024 3:25 pm
English World Podcast: Episode 39 – Cherry Blossoms

In the latest episode of the Kyodo News podcast, the focus is on cherry blossoms in Japan. The podcast features three Kyodo News journalists, Yamaguchi-san, Horiuchi-san, and Toma, who discuss cherry blossom viewing in Japan and how recent inflation has affected the amount of money spent on it. They share their thoughts on the annual practice and talk about where they have gone to see cherry blossoms this year.

The Kyodo News podcast is designed for English learners and covers a wide range of topics related to Japan. Each episode features journalists discussing recent articles and sometimes veering off on unrelated tangents. The podcast covers topics such as Peruvian food, retro Japanese games, and Japan’s maglev train.

In one photograph featured in the podcast, people are shown viewing cherry blossoms in full bloom at an avenue extending for 1 kilometer on Tokyo’s Meguro River. The scene is set with paper lanterns lit up on March 25, 2023, capturing the beauty and tradition of cherry blossom viewing in Japan.

The article mentioned in the podcast discusses how inflation has impacted budgets for cherry blossom viewing in Japan. With rising prices, many people are finding it difficult to afford to travel to see these natural wonders. Despite this challenge, however, there are still many who make it a priority each year.

Overall, the Kyodo News podcast offers a unique insight into news writing and translation challenges faced by English learners. The diverse range of topics covered makes it a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about Japan.

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