October 1, 2023 9:46 pm
Cease and Desist Letter Forces Composting Organization to Close
Cease and Desist Letter Forces Composting Business to Close


A businesswoman in Palm Beach County, Florida is closing down her well known enterprise, “Let it Rot.” Mel Corichi, also identified as “The Worm Queen,” utilized worms to turn trash into organic soil for neighborhood gardeners. Nonetheless, she is facing challenges with regulators and is operating out of worms and time. 4 years ago, WPTV had profiled her composting company when it was developing. Corichi fed recycled trash to worms, which developed higher-top quality dark soil for backyard gardeners.

The dark soil, also identified as “black gold” in the agriculture planet, is extremely regarded for its top quality. Nonetheless, two years ago, Corichi’s composting company faced regulatory difficulties. The Palm Beach County Strong Waste Authority accused her of breaking the law by taking meals waste to her home, which was an unpermitted disposal web site. Regardless of her efforts to retain “Let it Rot” open, she sooner or later received a cease and desist letter that threatened heavy fines. Consequently, she had no decision but to close her company. Corichi is grateful for the chance to have produced a distinction in the lives of other individuals and is disappointed by the outcome.

“Let it Rot” was founded in 2015 with the purpose of minimizing landfill capacity and pesticide overuse. WPTV attempted to have an understanding of why the Palm Beach County Strong Waste Authority took such strict actions against the company. Nonetheless, the agency declined to speak on camera. Their media relations officer cited complaints by neighbors concerning objectionable odors and flies, as properly as possible wellness dangers. Corichi inquiries why she was invited to participate in the upcoming “America Recycles Day” if her composting company was deemed a threat and in the end shut down by the Strong Waste Authority. She finds it insulting provided the situations.

Even though Corichi is now instruction to be an insurance coverage broker, her passion for composting and the worms that produced her company special remains in her heart.


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