May 21, 2024 1:56 pm
Carnival Cruise Ship Rerouting to Virginia Following Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Carnival Cruise Line is temporarily relocating the Carnival Legend’s homeport from Baltimore to Norfolk, Virginia following the collapse of Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge on Tuesday morning after a container ship crashed into it. The cruise line is providing guests on the ship a bus back to Baltimore due to the Port of Baltimore being closed.

Travelers aboard the Carnival Legend ship were set to return home after a weeklong Caribbean vacation as planned, but will now be disembarking at Norfolk, Virginia instead of Baltimore due to the bridge collapse. Carnival has announced that the ship’s next weeklong cruise will also depart from Norfolk, with future plans to return to Maryland to be updated to guests.

Other cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and American Cruise Line that sail from the Port of Baltimore are yet to comment on potential itinerary changes as a result of the port’s closure. Business experts estimate that the ongoing shutdown of the port could mean a daily loss of $15 million in economic activity, despite it being a smaller cruise departure hub compared to others in the US.

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