October 1, 2023 10:24 pm
Business Owner of Dog Grooming Company Addresses Employee’s Arrest for Animal Cruelty
Business Owner of Dog Grooming Company Addresses Employee’s Arrest for Animal Cruelty

The owner of Doggy Doodles Grooming in Tulsa is addressing the recent arrest of one of her employees for animal cruelty. The employee, Diego Angel, has been accused of beating and choking a dog that ultimately died. The owner, Becky Rutherford, expressed shock and sadness upon seeing the video footage of the incident, as she had been unaware of what was happening at the time.

Rutherford stated that she was nearby when the incident occurred, but did not witness it firsthand. It was only after watching the video that she discovered the extent of the abuse. She struggled to comprehend the actions of Angel, who has since been charged with felony Cruelty to Animals.

The dog that was attacked, a 4-year-old poodle named “Atlas,” passed away shortly after the beating. Rutherford and her staff made efforts to resuscitate Atlas, but sadly, it was too late. The video evidence revealed that Angel repeatedly struck the dog over a ten-minute period, with some of the blows occurring when Rutherford momentarily turned away. Another groomer present in the room did not intervene.

Rutherford acknowledged the backlash she has faced both online and in person since the incident came to light. During an interview, a former customer confronted her about her failure to stop the abuse. Initially, Rutherford defended Angel, as she had trusted his account of what happened. However, upon seeing the video, she regrets placing that trust in him and remains perplexed as to what led to his violent actions.

Animal Welfare officers have obtained the complete video recording, which captures the entire incident. Rutherford has expressed her commitment to preventing such incidents in the future. Although the business remains open and continues to serve customers, steps will be taken to revise policies and ensure the safety and well-being of all animals under their care.

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