May 20, 2024 12:52 am
Meloni: “Division in the European elections would benefit the left”

Prime Minister Meloni has emphasized the importance of unity within the center-right coalition, urging against internal conflicts that could benefit the left. The governing alliance consists of three distinct forces from different political families, and discussions are ongoing regarding their positioning for the upcoming European elections. After recent events involving Identity and Democracy in Rome, where League leader Salvini criticized France and expressed no support for von der Leyen, Meloni has stressed the need for cooperation within the coalition.

Meloni highlighted the importance of presenting a united front in Europe and confirmed the government’s intention to participate in the upcoming election. The issue of supporting von der Leyen was discussed, with Meloni stressing that the focus should be on building a majority that supports the president of the commission. The League and Forza Italia also expressed their views on the matter, emphasizing the importance of a united center-right alliance in Europe.

Regarding alliances in Europe, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister acknowledged the need to avoid controversy and focus on the interests of center-right voters. While Salvini’s comments on Macron were noted, the overall goal remains to maintain a strong center-right government. Other political leaders also weighed in on the importance of unity within the coalition and the need to focus on governance rather than internal conflicts. Ultimately, it is crucial for all parties involved to prioritize building a strong center-right government that works towards common goals in order to achieve success in upcoming elections.

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