March 4, 2024 10:32 am
Historic study reveals evidence of time reversal, say scientists

For centuries, the idea of time travel has captured the imagination of humanity. However, it was always considered a mere fantasy until now. Scientists have recently discovered evidence of time travel at a microscopic level. Till Bohmer and Thomas Blochowicz are the lead authors of a study titled “Time reversibility during the aging of materials,” published in Nature Physics.

The research conducted by researchers at the Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany explores how time behaves in the structure of materials like glass. The study reveals that time does not follow a strictly linear path. Instead, it behaves more like a fluid that can flow in both directions. Glass molecules move to different locations, effectively reversing time on a molecular level. To test this concept, scientists used scattered laser light to observe the glass structures. They witnessed the glass samples pushing and reforming into new arrangements, with minuscule fluctuations in the molecules documented using an ultra-sensitive video camera.

While this knowledge may not bring humans any closer to being able to travel through time, it will certainly change our understanding of certain materials used daily. It challenges our long-held beliefs about linearity and opens up new possibilities for material science and engineering.

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