May 22, 2024 6:25 pm
Sports bettors show lack of support for Yankees and Mets as 2024 MLB season approaches

The New York baseball teams, specifically the Yankees and Mets, are not expected to perform well in the 2024 season according to betting data from BetMGM Sportsbook. Despite having strong odds of winning their divisions, both teams have seen a decrease in preseason win totals due to injuries affecting the team.

The Yankees’ win total dropped from 93.5 to 91.5, while the Mets’ win total decreased from 87.5 to 81.5. The Orioles have seen the largest increase in wins, going from 87.5 to 90.5, but still have unfavorable odds compared to the Yankees and Mets for making it into the postseason.

In terms of postseason odds, only the Astros have better odds than the Yankees in the American League. The Yankees and Orioles are tied in the AL East race at +180 with the Yankees being considered second least bet team to win their division. Meanwhile, Vegas bookies consider the Mets long shots for making it into playoffs and winning their division with a win total of just 81.5 after a disappointing season last year where they won just 75 games out of a possible 162 games played.

Overall, both teams face challenges heading into next season and are not favored among bettors for success. However, they still have strong odds of winning their respective divisions and making it into postseason playoffs despite low bets placed on them by sportsbooks

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