May 22, 2024 4:55 pm
Man Narrowly Escapes Baltimore Bridge Collapse After Quick Exit Following Dispute

In Baltimore, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed on Tuesday morning after a ship crashed into it, as reported by The Telegraph. One Baltimore resident, Jayden, narrowly avoided disaster after crossing the bridge just minutes before it collapsed. He had crossed the bridge after an argument with his girlfriend and was almost home when he received texts about the collapse.

The collapse occurred at around 1:30 a.m., after a ship collided with one of the bridge’s supports. The incident resulted in six construction workers being presumed dead and two people being rescued from the water. One of those rescued was sent to a local trauma center in a “very serious condition.”

Experts in engineering have noted that the 95,000-ton container ship’s size played a significant role in the bridge’s collapse. The incident has raised questions about bridge safety and the implications for the shipping and engineering industries.

Baltimore’s fire chief stated in a press conference that officials were lucky to have received the ship’s distress call before it was too late. The distress call gave them time to close car traffic on the bridge and prevent further casualties. However, six people are still missing and their fate remains unknown.

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