April 20, 2024 4:31 am
Israel admits responsibility for attack that killed foreign aid workers – Poland and Britain call for investigation

The attack on a convoy of aid workers from the World Central Kitchen organization in Gaza resulted in the deaths of Polish and British citizens, among others. The American organization has accused Israel of a targeted attack on its aid workers in the region.

The incident occurred when seven aid workers were killed by Israeli armed forces as they were returning from distributing aid in northern Gaza. The Israeli Prime Minister acknowledged the attack but stated that there was no intention to kill the aid workers. However, it is believed that the target of the attack was a member of Hamas, and the organization’s logos were visible on the cars.

The victims of the attack were foreign aid workers who were in Gaza to provide much-needed assistance to the people in the region. Various countries whose citizens were involved have demanded explanations and investigations from Israel.

As a result of this incident, World Central Kitchen’s operations have been suspended in Gaza, and an aid ship bound for the region has been halted. The attack has sparked outrage and calls for accountability from various countries and organizations. Many are demanding justice for those who lost their lives and an end to such attacks on humanitarian workers.

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