April 22, 2024 1:03 am
A Collaboration of 200 Artists including Billie Eilish and Nicki Minaj Speak Out Against AI’s Threat

A group of over 200 artists, including Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, and Camila Cabello, have issued an open letter to AI developers and technology companies. In the letter, they urge these companies to stop using AI to infringe on the rights of human artists. The letter was shared by the Artist Rights Alliance (ARA), a non-profit organization that advocates for artists’ rights.

The artists are concerned about two trends involving the illicit use of songs by AI companies: training and producing AI copycats and diluting royalty obligations through algorithms. They also mention voice cloning as a threat, as AI technology can be used to transform songs into ones that sound like a human artist without actually being one.

The letter emphasizes that the unethical use of generative AI to replace human artists will devalue the entire musical ecosystem for both artists and fans. Other signatories of the letter include Sam Smith, HYBE, Jon Bon Jovi, Norah Jones, Pearl Jam, REM, Chuck D, and Kate Hudson.

In October 2023, three major music publishers sued an AI company for copyright infringement. This highlights the importance of protecting artists’ rights in the digital age. Hollywood actors also initiated a strike in July 2023 to address concerns about AI’s impact on their industry.

Beyond the music industry, the article touches on various topics such as sustainable travel

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