June 10, 2023 12:21 am

Irrespective of whether Amazon buys AMC — or not — may perhaps be beside the point.

The mere reality that the eCommerce giant has been rumored to be mulling shopping for multiplex true estate speaks volumes to the connected economy’s evolution, and the methods lines are blurring among on the web and offline channels.

Especially when it comes to media, entertainment and content material.

A single thing’s for particular: Commerce is, and will be, at the center of it all.

As reported earlier this week, Amazon is reportedly exploring an acquisition of theater chain AMC Entertainment.

There’s currently some dismissal of the notion on Wall Street, documented by Yahoo Finance, which cited a Wedbush report. Cineworld could be a greater selection, wrote Wedbush.

Normally speaking, although, the acquisition of this or any other theater chain, we note, offers Amazon a conduit to push content material in new methods, broaden its audience beyond mobile devices and in-residence viewing … and by extension, open up new income streams.

Finding Them Into the Theater

There’s vital mass to do so. Final year, Amazon announced it would be adding additional content material and functions for its Prime members. Even though these offerings had been tied to music and podcasts, it is not far-fetched to see that a broad variety of streaming/concert/film perks could extend into a theater setting. Contemplate the situation exactly where Prime members — there are additional than 180 million of them right here in the States alone — get early access, or discounted access, to unique, members-only screenings. The firm, as reported final year, has been aiming to release 12 to 15 films a year in theaters — that quantity, we’d hazard to guess, could locate some turbo-charging if there’s a wide embrace of such exclusivity.

Popcorn, Palms and Payment

In the brick-and-mortar setting — especially, with this most leisurely of leisure activities — there’s the opportunity, also, for Amazon to capture additional transactions.

At the concession stand, with Amazon Spend and biometrics in the mix.

As we reported right here, spend-by-palm is becoming a additional prevalent portion of the eCommerce giant’s plans. Panera Bread is leveraging Amazon A single spend-by-palm capabilities. By means of the mechanics of that deal, shoppers can spend for their acquire by scanning their palms. The model could be, conceivably, extensible to shopping for popcorn, soft drinks or snacks at the theater.

In the PYMNTS report, “The ConnectedEconomy™ Month-to-month Report: The Evolving Digital Day-to-day Edition,” we discovered that there’s been an upswing, all round, in digital engagement across a broad variety of activities. Interestingly, final month, compared to February 2022, 21 million additional shoppers participated in activities involving some sort of clever residence device. In addition, of 39% of shoppers engaged in activities that involved on the web payments, up from 33% 1 final year.

It may perhaps be the reality — in the future — that we use Alexa to reserve tickets to the newest Amazon Prime exclusive, in-theater displaying, at the nearest Amazon multiplex, paying with a wave of our hand when we get there. And a evening at the films becomes a evening at the connected economy.

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