October 1, 2023 9:47 pm
AI-powered StreamText Unveils Newest Iteration of Automatic Speech Recognition Caption Technologies

StreamText is excited to announce the newest release of its Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies, which is powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This new version of StreamText ASR provides the capability to create captions straight from an audio supply. Moreover, it attributes term glossaries that can be utilised to fine-tune the AI for precise events, resulting in elevated all round accuracy. The platform also integrates seamlessly with well known meeting application like Zoom and Adobe Connect. Moreover, it supports more than 50 supply languages, such as distinctive variants of English, French, and Spanish. For additional data on StreamText’s ASR capabilities, pay a visit to their web-site at https://streamtext.net/automatic-captions/.

Although human captioning is ordinarily additional precise than AI-generated captions, there are situations exactly where ASR technologies can be a appropriate remedy. ASR is especially effective in different settings such as universities, classrooms, government administration, and broadcast media.

Nick Wilkie, the CEO of StreamText, emphasizes the value of giving the ideal captioning remedy for their prospects. He believes that supplying marketplace-top AI possibilities is vital to meet the diverse wants of distinctive events. Wilkie states that human-generated captions are not usually sensible, and getting option possibilities like Automatic Speech Recognition enables additional events to be accessible to all participants.

As the best enterprise remedy for actual-time caption specifications, StreamText encourages interested parties to schedule a demo with their group to understand additional about their offerings. To schedule a demo, pay a visit to their web-site at https://streamtext.net/make contact with/.

Founded in 2003 by Anson Goldade, StreamText is a top enterprise caption platform that caters to the developing demand for accessibility and text streaming solutions. StreamText supports each human and AI-primarily based caption generation workflows, making sure accessibility in different settings such as events and classrooms. Their group is committed to generating each spoken word accessible by way of revolutionary technologies. For actual-time captions and translations, StreamText is the dependable option. To understand additional about StreamText and their complete variety of options, pay a visit to their web-site at https://streamtext.net/.

For media inquiries, please make contact with:
Nick Wilkie
Chief Executive Officer
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