April 22, 2024 1:08 am
Live Coverage: Biden addresses efforts to decrease health care expenses

On Wednesday, President Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will address reporters at the White House to bring attention to the high cost of inhalers implemented by various pharmaceutical companies. The aim is to make these essential breathing devices more affordable for Americans.

Sanders, along with other Senate Democrats, sent a letter urging drug manufacturers to reassess the pricing of inhalers. This significant price difference prompted calls for change, as one inhaler in the U.S. was as high as $645, significantly more than what consumers in the United Kingdom were paying.

Moving forward, patients in the U.S. will not have to pay more than $35 out-of-pocket for an inhaler, making it more accessible to those who rely on these devices for their health. This is a significant step towards ensuring that all Americans can afford essential medications they need to stay healthy.

President Biden and Senator Sanders, along with health professionals, will be addressing the media at 11:00 a.m. EDT to discuss this initiative further. The live video of this event can be watched above

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