February 27, 2024 10:13 am
Nurse at Sanford Hospital Retires After Six Decades of Dedicated Service

Carol Wieneke has been a beloved friend to everyone at Sanford Health for 60 years. She has worked as an LPN at Sanford Luverne for all of those years, and she knows just about everyone there. She has loved every minute of her time at the facility and is now retiring after six decades of service.

Throughout her career, Carol has learned to find joy in the simple moments and to keep choosing to see the joy in her work. She believes that if people don’t enjoy their work, they won’t do good work. For Carol, her niche has always been people. She is known for caring for patients and staff, and her colleague of 13 years, Cheryl Groen, speaks highly of her character.

Groen says that Carol treats every person as a family member and truly cares about their well-being. Even though it’s not goodbye forever, Groen knows that Carol will always be her friend forever. She plans to stop by to volunteer at the hospital and check in with everyone from time to time. Carol’s reputation of keeping her word is something that Groen admires and will keep her in high regard as a close friend.

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