April 20, 2024 3:43 am
Arizona Science Center to present Arizona Science & Engineering Fair on April 4-5

The Arizona Science and Engineering Fair (AzSEF) is set to take place on April 4-5 at the Arizona Science Center, where top science fair winners from various levels across Arizona will compete for prizes and scholarships. A total of 690 students will be participating in AzSEF, with representatives from elementary, junior, and senior divisions. Over 500 science projects will be showcased, featuring students from 140 schools, including 58 Title I schools.

The Grand Award winners from the Senior Division will have the opportunity to compete at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles. The fair is managed by the Arizona Science Center, which brings together top science fair winners to celebrate their achievements and compete for recognition.

The Arizona Science and Engineering Fair will take place at 500 E. Veterans Way in Tempe, with student check-in starting at 9 a.m. on both days of the fair. Competitors will have the chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes and scholarships.

On Saturday, April 6, an Official Award Ceremony will be held at the Arizona Science Center to recognize the achievements of all participants and their families. This event will celebrate the hard work and dedication of the students who participated in AzSEF and provide an opportunity for them to receive recognition for their accomplishments. For more information about the fair and the award ceremony, visit azscience.org/events-programs/arizona-science-engineering-fair/about.

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