October 2, 2023 5:46 am
46% of Filipinos are optimistic about the improvement of the Philippine economy.

About 46 % of adult Filipinos think that the Philippine economy will enhance in the subsequent six months, according to the most current OCTA Analysis survey. The survey, referred to as “Tugon ng Masa” (TNM) National Survey, is an independent and non-commissioned poll carried out on a regular basis by OCTA Analysis. It was carried out from July 22 to 26 and showed that much less than half of adult Filipinos stay optimistic about the future. This figure is four % decrease than the 50 % recorded in the 1st quarter survey carried out in March 2023.

In addition to the 46 % who think the economy will enhance, the poll also revealed that 43 % of adult Filipinos believe the economy will remain the similar, though six % think it will worsen. The survey findings also showed that the percentage of adult Filipinos who have a good outlook on the Philippine economy in the subsequent six months varies across various significant locations. The highest percentage was recorded in Balance Luzon, at 54 %, though the lowest was in Visayas, at 31 %. Conversely, the percentage of adult Filipinos who believe the economy will worsen ranged from two % to 11 %. Visayas had the highest percentage of respondents who believed the economy would worsen, at 11 %, though Balance Luzon had the lowest percentage, at two %.

In addition, the survey indicated that 55 % of adult Filipinos think their good quality of life will enhance in the subsequent six months, though 36 % believe it will stay the similar, and only four % think it will worsen.

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